Monday, November 26, 2007

Utah Fails To Beat BYU again!

4th and 18 in the final minutes of the game, Utes up a point, and the defense lapses.

Need I say more.

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Ute Defensive Coordinator has to Go!

It was a fantastic game Saturday, the classic "Holy War" game, the Utes were ahead by 4 points with less than 2 minutes remaining on the clock and BYU starting their drive from deep in their own territory. The result should have been acedemic that the Utes would win. ENTER THE PREVENT STYLE DEFENSE!!!!

I felt like I was going insane watching the Ute defense send only two men to pressure BYU quarterback John Beck, and the Cougars drive down the field. Three seconds left on the clock, and I thought "of course they will blitz at least four players," but alas it wasn't so. John Beck could have ran the ball in himself, had a Gatorade, made a phone call, and a nap with the time he had to through the ball. BYU tight end #13 Harline (a favorite target of Beck) suddenly was abandoned by his defender and received the game winning pass. What the He#@!

I am a loyal Ute fan since my childhood, especially when it comes to the BYU-Utah rivalry. It was embarrassing to watch the Utes snatch defeat from the claws of victory by sticking to a defensive style that was so clearly ineffective.

So it is with this, that I open this blog for disgruntled U fans who had to watch the pathetic Ute defense during the ending drive of the 2006 BYU-Utah game.